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EUCARINET is a four-year INCONET Coordination Action, supported by the European Commission (DG RTD-INCO), whose main goal is to strengthen bi-regional sustainable dialogue on Science and Technology between Europe and the Caribbean.

The project consortium includes 11 partners, 5 from the EU and 6 from the Caribbean, representing stakeholders from research, industry, government and civil society, that will ensure the fulfillment of EUCARINET's objectives.


caribbean mapEUCARINET targets the whole of the Caribbean region: the ACP group of states, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the overseas Departments and Collectivities, the Overseas Countries and Territories.






Presentations are Now Available: INFO DAY on HORIZON 2020, 21 of October 2013. UNIBE, Dominican Republic.
{gallery}infodayx{/gallery} With the aim of inform and prepare the Caribbean research community face to the next Framework programme of the European Commission "Horizon 2020" an info day was held in the Univerdidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), Dominican Republic on October 21, 2013. Horizon 2020...
03 October 2013, 15.04 Read More. - latest
Confidence and Performance in STEM Significantly Boosted for SPISE 2013 Graduates
Each year, the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) runs the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE). In the 2013 SPISE the CSF served 16 students from 10 Caribbean countries (Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica,...
27 September 2013, 14.46 Read More. - latest
The mission of the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) is to assist with the diversification of the economies of the Caribbean Region by harnessing science and technology for economic development, and to help raise the standard of living. The CSF and CADSTI...
27 September 2013, 14.16 Read More. - latest
Haiti - Agriculture : The IDIAF and Taiwanese cooperation support Haitian agriculture
The Dominican Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (IDIAF) and the Taiwan Technical Mission in Haiti, have signed a tripartite agreement on technical cooperation, by which the Dominican Republic will contribute to agricultural development in Haiti, through the training of Haitian...
28 August 2013, 14.32 Read More. - latest
Caribbean States Become Biodiversity Champions
Eight Caribbean governments, in cooperation with business partners, have made significant financial and substantive commitments in support of the Aichi biodiversity targets as part of the second phase of the Caribbean Challenge Initiative, launched at a Summit of Caribbean Political...
28 August 2013, 14.03 Read More. - latest
By Martin Henry More and more developing countries are setting up research funds. Jamaica does not yet have such a research fund. The country has established a wide range of 'research' institutions supported by subventions from the public revenue which mostly...
05 August 2013, 18.20 Read More. - latest
The NWO Programme: Information Meeting for Caribbean Research: Presentations are Available!
An information meeting about "The NWO-programme Caribbean Research: a multi-disciplinary approach" took place on 5 July 2013 at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden. The main objective of this activity was to inspire new collaborations within and across the borders of academic...
22 July 2013, 18.02 Read More. - latest
CITICED: Virtual Education in Dominican Republic. 8 to 11 of October 2013.
CITICED is a cooperative and collaborative space, composed of a group of universities,  governmental and nongovernmental institutions from the Dominican Republic created in order to discuss and exchange experiences that contribute to the development of Distance Education as a form...
18 July 2013, 18.06 Read More. - latest
FIRST CALL FOR ABSTRACTS VIII CARIBBEAN BIODIVERSITY CONGRESS Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (January 29 - February 1, 2014)
For more than two decades, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) along with other organizations has organized the Caribbean Biodiversity Congress keeping its regular intervals of three years since 2002. Every time this congress takes place, we welcome with...
15 July 2013, 18.56 Read More. - latest
Nanotechnology:  the invisible giant  tackling Europe’s  future challenges
Nanotechnology can not only create materials and devices on a minuscule scale 80 000 times smaller than a single human hair, but those technologies are likely to become all-pervasive, touching every aspect of human existence from medicine to energy generation. Nanotechnology...
08 July 2013, 14.53 Read More. - latest
TGS 2012, Collects his first Successes.
{gallery}tgs2012{/gallery} As a project it's a pleasure to share the success of one of our grantees from the Travel Grant Scheme 2012, Mrs. Elsa Acosta who had the opportunity to assist to the KBBE info day in Brussels during Summer 2012...
21 June 2013, 15.24 Read More. - latest
{gallery}ixintern{/gallery} Scientific Research Week, as established during the III CIC in 2007, will be held during five consecutive days, developing academic activities. The first three days, courses and workshops are held for academics and other professionals and students in various scientific...
05 June 2013, 17.32 Read More. - latest
EUCARINET Project: Science, Technology and Innovation take centre stage at CARICOM
The aim of the event was to discuss, starting from the knowledge base produced by the EUCARINET project, some long-term strategies to strengthen the existing cooperation flows in Science, Technology and innovation (STI) between Europe and the Caribbean. The EUCARINET project...
01 May 2013, 17.42 Read More. - latest
Second Scenario Building Workshop:
EU-LAC Health is a 5-year project co-financed by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Program (Health theme). Its aim is to establish a consensus roadmap for cooperative health research. This roadmap will be continuously developed including discussions and the...
24 April 2013, 14.11 Read More. - latest
Jamaican doctor says research findings eliminate need for testing drugs on animals. April, 2013.
  (ROOKWOOD)LOCAL researcher Dr Lawrence Williams says he has made a breakthrough which eliminates the need for laboratory testing of animals in the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. The Jamaican scientist, a consultant at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), has developed a...
15 April 2013, 19.04 Read More. - latest
Presentations are now available: ENLACE sixth Experts Dialogue to foster bi-regional RTD cooperation between Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. April 2013, Panamá.
{gallery}sixth1{/gallery} The ENLACE (Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the European Union and Central America) project organized the sixth Experts Dialogue to foster bi-regional RTD cooperation between Europe and Central America. This sixth round held in Ciudad de Panama, in conjunction with the...
21 March 2013, 18.24 Read More. - latest
The Strategic Partnership between the EU and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, has always been a partnership of equals. It is built on a shared conviction that both sides...
05 March 2013, 14.13 Read More. - latest
Humphrey Vrolijk Testimonial as an EUCARINET Research Officer.
  Assignment In late summer 2011, the Government of Aruba approached me with the question, if I wanted to become the Caribbean Research Officer (CRO) for Aruba. The European Commission through the 4-year INCONET Coordination Action EUCARINET, was looking for 2 CROs...
12 December 2012, 15.53 Read More. - latest
Caribbean development projects receive EU funding
  POINTE-A-PITRE, Guadeloupe, Saturday December 8, 2012 - The European Union's Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will fund two major sustainable development projects in the Dutch and French Caribbean under the INTERREG IV Caribbean program. Organizers attending the recent International Summit of the...
12 December 2012, 14.31 Read More. - latest
Study Opportunities for graduates and staff of Caribbean Universities
The ANGLE project gives UWI (University of the West Indies) students and staff, as well as graduates of any regional tertiary level institution, the opportunity to apply for scholarships to European universities. ANGLE (Academic Networking, a Gate for Learning Experiences) operates...
10 December 2012, 17.32 Read More. - latest
UWI Develops Web Based Retrieval System for Medical Professionals
  (Trinidad Guardian) Prof Clement Sankat, principal of the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine campus, would like to see a more active Caribbean Community (Caricom) in the affairs of the region. Speaking at the project evaluation and exit...
20 November 2012, 14.30 Read More. - latest
Collaboration between scientists, science educators crucial for development
Continuous dialogue between scientists and science educators is a crucial factor which could lend to mutual benefits and effect greater understanding in the interest of students and the development of a nation, the region and the world This assertion was made...
20 November 2012, 14.19 Read More. - latest
Discussing funding mechanisms in first EU-LAC Health Scenario-Building Workshop
The first ”Scenario Building Workshop”, realized by the EU-LAC Health project consortium, was held on 22-23 October in Buenos Aires. The first part of the workshop consisted of a review of potential health research areas for collaboration suggested by EU...
13 November 2012, 14.52 Read More. - latest
EUCARINET/ENLACE workshop “Towards a Caribbean and a Central American Knowledge Based Bio-Economy: Visions, Pathways and Priorities”,  Presentations are NOW available!
  {gallery}eucatrav{/gallery}   The Knowledge based bio economy (KBBE) covers issues related to Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology.  It includes all industries and economic sectors that produce, manage and exploit biological resources. The main interest in building a Knowledge Based Bio-Economy workshop was to...
03 October 2012, 14.28 Read More. - latest
TRAVEL GRANT SCHEME 2012: Our researchers testimonials!
  {gallery}travelgrs{/gallery}   It is a pleasure to share with you our success this year with the second round of the EUCARINET Travel Grant Scheme 2012 addressed to researchers on the Caribbean region. This year we were able to fund ten researchers in...
11 September 2012, 14.01 Read More. - latest
OPEN CALLS: Opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean Countries
  The European Commission prepared a presentation regarding the “Opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean Countries” within the current FP7 2013 calls for proposals. The presentation highlights all the interesting topics for LAC countries within all themes and programmes currently open. This...
02 August 2012, 14.59 Read More. - latest
A vision to boost mobile innovation in the Caribbean. infoDev advances mInnovation model, seeks stakeholder feedback through survey
infoDev, a division of the World Bank that supports entrepreneurship and innovation around the world, is beginning the seven-year EPIC program to expand entrepreneurship and business incubation in the Caribbean. One of the industries which we will assist is the...
19 July 2012, 14.12 Read More. - latest
Europe, Caribbean & Central America:  partners in ICT research and innovation. Presentations are NOW available!
{gallery}partict{/gallery} The aim of the Workshop, organised by the ENLACE and EUCARINET projects with the support of the  European Union's 7th Framework Programme (FP7) , was to strengthen the international visibility of Caribbean and of Central American research potential in the field...
19 June 2012, 00.00 Read More. - latest
Open Information Day & Partnering Event 2012: Videos and Presentations are NOW availables!
Applying for FP7 health research and innovation funding is a competitive process. Only the very best project proposals will be selected for funding. The Open Information Day has held on Brussels on 29th of May 2012. This activity is organize to...
11 June 2012, 15.02 Read More. - latest
The Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid just published a complete and interesting document about “The Caribbean and the European Union”. Because of the nature of this project, this is a main document to be shared and discussed...
04 June 2012, 14.56 Read More. - latest
First Meeting for NCP in UNIBE, Dominican Republic
On May 25, 2012, was held in UNIBE the first briefing on FP7 and National Contact Points. The activity was conducted with a select group of researchers, the contact points at national level, namely Darwin Muñoz (INCO NCP & ICT),...
31 May 2012, 15.10 Read More. - latest
Second Training for Research Officers, 26-27 of April 2012, Curazao.
{gallery}secondtraining{/gallery} Last 26-27 of April in the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) was held the second EUCARINET training for research officers. With the aim of increasing awareness on EU funding instruments and supporting the Caribbean researchers participation to FP7, EUCARINET identified...
22 May 2012, 14.48 Read More. - latest
EUCARINET info day on
{gallery}infoday{/gallery} Last 25th of april, it was held at the University of the Neetherlands Antilles (UNA) the EUCARINET Info-Day & Trainning on the 7th Framework Programme for Scientific and Technological Development opportunities. This seminar focused on the basis of the framework programmes  and...
21 May 2012, 15.22 Read More. - latest
First FP7/ Horizon 2020 infoday held in Aruba
  Oranjestad, during the yearly EUCARINET meeting in Curaçao at the end of April, Dutch NCPs Koos de Korte & Daphne van de Sande came to Aruba to present the cooperation and the people programme of the Seventh Framework Program of...
17 May 2012, 15.50 Read More. - latest
Hazard Mitigation: Protecting Caribbean Infrastructure – Securing Caribbean Communities, Nov 02, 2012
The 18th General Assembly of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS) will be held in the beautiful island of Barbados. The 2012 Conference will be co-hosted by The University of the West Indies - Cave Hill and by The Caribbean...
10 May 2012, 11.50 Read More. - latest
  EUCARINET 2012 TRAVEL GRANT SCHEME The aim of the Travel Grant Scheme is to promote exchange between Caribbean and European researchers as well as to encourage contacts between research institutions so that they may explore possibilities for joint participation in the...
03 April 2012, 13.52 Read More. - latest
The AgreenSkills programme: Take a look!!
  The AgreenSkills programme has now been launched. AgreenSkills is an international mobility programme co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of the COFUND - FP7 People Programme Led by INRA in cooperation with Agreenium. AgreenSkills is an open programme of...
23 March 2012, 18.39 Read More. - latest
The fourth edition of the ACP S&T Newsletter
Welcome to the fourth edition of the ACP S&T Newsletter. With the implementation of the ACP S&T Programme being half way, it is a good moment to take stock of the achievements of the granted projects and how they see...
06 March 2012, 18.21 Read More. - latest
7th Framework Program presented to the University of Aruba & IPA
  Recently Caribbean Research Officer Humphrey Vrolijk presented the Seventh Framework Program to the University of Aruba and to the Instituto Pedagogico Arubano. The presentation was given on the framework programme itself, the set up of the different sections and those...
01 February 2012, 15.12 Read More. - latest
Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS)
Functions & Objectives The Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) is a leading energy information network of 18 Caribbean countries with headquarters at the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in Kingston, Jamaica. Established since 1987, this network researches, processes, packages and disseminates information...
18 January 2012, 18.05 Read More. - latest
CIPORE - a RE plartform in the Caribbean Region
The Caribbean Information Platform on Renewable Energy (CIPORE) was developed for the provision of information on renewable energy in the region, it will be integral to assist the local ministries responsible for energy build their capacity in this area. CIPORE is...
10 January 2012, 19.24 Read More. - latest
EUCARINET in the eChallenges 2011
The eChallenges e-2011 Conference took place from 26th to 28th of October 2011 in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, hosted by the Regional Government of Tuscany. This is the twenty-first in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the...
22 November 2011, 19.39 Read More. - latest
  {gallery}seminaruu{/gallery}   The International Seminar “EU, Caribbean & Central America cooperation in Research and Innovation” took place in Brusels, Belgium on the 5th of October, 2011. The Seminar, jointly organized by the ENLACE and EUCARINET projects with the support of the European Commission (DG Research...
12 October 2011, 15.17 Read More. - latest
EUCARINET 2011 TRAVEL GRANT SCHEME: Our Researchers testimonials.
Professor Antony Clayton University of West Indies, Jamaica.   “I was supported by Travel Grant Scheme of EUCARINET, funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research, to cover the cost of three events: I visited the Centre for Environmental Strategy in the School...
08 September 2011, 16.23 Read More. - latest
Renewable Energy Priority Setting for EU & Caribbean in Research and Innovation, Guadaloupe. July 6th and 7th ,2011
  {gallery}renewablee{/gallery}   The Priorities Dialogue Workshop: “Renewable Energy Priority Setting for EU & Caribbean in Research and Innovation” took place in Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe at the University of Antilles and Guyane (UAG) last July 6th and 7th, 2011.  The conference, organized...
22 July 2011, 15.34 Read More. - latest
Caribbean Science & Technology Research Output - a Bibliometric Study
Using the Web of Science (WoS) ® online database of Thomson Reuters, a database was prepared of all research publications from all Caribbean countries/territories except Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for the period 1999-2009. This lengthy time span...
14 June 2011, 15.00 Read More. - latest
A Survey of the Science, Technology & Innovation Landscape of the Caribbean Region
An e-survey was undertaken throughout the Caribbean to provide information on Science & Technology (S&T) strategic plans and policies, priority areas, the supporting infrastructure for S&T as well regional and international cooperation in S&T. It targeted relevant, knowledgeable individuals from...
14 June 2011, 14.16 Read More. - latest
FP7 Training at UNIBE, Dominican Republic
  On the 8 to 9th  March 2011, UNIBE hosted a special FP7 seminar on providing FP7 support services. The seminar was organised in close cooperation by EUCARINET, ENLACE and INCONTACT. The main goal was to inform the research community on the...
19 April 2011, 19.09 Read More. - latest
Workshop Presentations are Now Available
The idea to organize this first Thematic Priority Workshop in Research & Innovation was mainly to identify the main research lines. In this particular case the EUCARINET and the ENLACE project had focused the expertise to three main areas: Health, Environment...
29 March 2011, 14.03 Read More. - latest


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