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Our EUCARINET database provides you with up-to date information on Caribbean Research and Technological Development (RTD) institutions, as well as a search engine enabling Caribbean Science and Technology capacities towards European partners and others.

The EUCARINET Database is designed to:

  • Facilitate the matching process of research cooperation among institutions and research communities in the context of the EU & Caribbean Research Programmes
  • Helping identify potential partners for collaborative projects in FP7

Add your organization's profile in our Database and you will be able to find and to be found!

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Disclaimer: In order to guarantee a high quality database, the EUCARINET project reserves the right to reject institutions profiles who do not satisfy the qualitative parameters established.

The EUCARINET project is not responsible for any errors in the information presented on the database


Funded by the European Commission's Directorate - General for
Research - 7th framework programme (FP7) Grant Agreement 244510