EUCARINET Project: Science, Technology and Innovation take centre stage at CARICOM

The aim of the event was to discuss, starting from the knowledge base produced by the EUCARINET project, some long-term strategies to strengthen the existing cooperation flows in Science, Technology and innovation (STI) between Europe and the Caribbean.

The EUCARINET project has facilitated the creation of a common understanding of the cooperation potential in STI between Europe and the Caribbean, as well as the identification of the main barriers and challenges that hinder the fluid and reliable cooperation between the two regions, as well as solutions to increase participation of Caribbean researchers in EU research projects.

The EUCARINET Project is in its final year and at a critical stage where it is intended that synthesis of the project outputs with regional policy and programmes objectives be established toward the achievement of the desired outcomes and long term sustainability.

The Meeting provided an important opportunity for these results to be shared with the CARICOM officers in charge of the main areas of interest of EUCARINET and with other stakeholders, and resulted in a set of recommendations to move cooperation forward for the period 2014-2020.

Specifically it sought to identify how best to integrate outputs of the Project into policy and strategic frameworks for STI, to generally establish sustainability of the benefits over the long run for the development of STI in the Caribbean as well as to lay the basis for strong cooperation around STI themes between countries of the European Union and the Caribbean.

It is proposed that the recommendations be submitted for endorsement (possibly in the period May-Sep 2013) by Caribbean governments under the coordination of the CARICOM Secretariat, and will be presented – in their final version – to European stakeholders at an event in Brussels in Winter 2013.

The presentations realized during the Dialogue, are now available:

1. Priorities for EU-Caribbean cooperation Barriers and Challenges. Fabio Nascimbeni, MENON Network

2. Caribbean STI: State of the Art & EU Cooperation. Prof. Sean Carrington, The University of the West Indies

3. Strategy Paper on Science and Technology and Innovation in the Caribbean: Recommendations. Joseph Williams. CARICOM Secretariat, Dr. Gustavo Perez. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

To download the press release, please click here and here

The final agenda of this event can also be download here.




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